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    In many different industries there is a growing need for an automated vision solution within processes. For example checking if the cap is correctly placed on top of the product. Also the many robots that are now used for packing en moving products rely on cameras to guide them to the product and showing how the product is positioned to safely pick it up.

    A camera gives the operator valuable insights which can be analysed to increase the efficiency of the process. The quality of the output can be improved and the number of rejects or waste reduced. The right use of a vision solution gives you, directly or indirectly, a decrease in cost advantage.

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    Machine vision can be divided into the following categories:

    Quality control



    Identification and verification

    • Colour check
    • Check filling level for injection moulding
    • Correct soldering
    • Correctly applied hot-foil print
    • Burnt part check for injection moulding
    • Surface check
    • Visual faults
    • Correctly applied seal
    • Check on ultrasonic welding
    • Measuring the geometry of a connector
    • Alignment of cap and/or label
    • Alignment of adhesive seam on cardboard box
    • Metal burr check
    • Height measurement of liquids (laboratory)
    • Position of loose products on e.g. a conveyer belt
    • Orientation of a product
    • Picking up and packing of a product
    • Check for correct stacking of the products
    • Check positioning of foil around products
    • Label corresponding with the contents (country, allergens, ingredients)
    • Tracing products through the production process
    • Tracking rejecting faulty products
    • Checking for unique 1D of 2D code (to exclude/avoid duplicates)
    • Check for correct production date and batch code
    • Tracing production batches and shipments